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The Prestige Heat Press 975.00+VAT

A quality British-Made clam-action heat press with a impressive
16" x 20" print area.  Height can easily be adjusted by 23mm to
accommodate thicker products.


  • Maximum print area 40.5  x 50cm (approx. 16 x 20")

  • Dimensions (unboxed) 42.5 x 35 x 74cm

  • Dimensions (boxed) 50 x 50 x 85cm

  • Power Consumption: 2300w / 10A

  • Type of machine: Clam action

  • Usage Medium-heavy duty

  • Weight (unpacked) 48kgs

  • Weight (packed) 50kgs

  • Can print up to 23mm thick items

  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom



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