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The Premier Printing Package
is a great all round package, designed for those who are interested in offer a wider range of products.  Apart from the ability to print t-shirts, mugs, sublimation products, you will also be able to produce promotional giveaway items such as domed key fobs, badges, cufflinks, bottle-openers as well as caps, china plates, ribbons,

The Premier Printing Package also incorporates a complete six colour  screen printing carousel machines starter package as well as a complete manual pad printing package. With  the screen printing process, you will be able to produce large runs cheaply together with high quality printing.  With pad printing, you will be able to print onto many giveaway gift items such as pens, golf balls, lighters, jumbo paper clips and thousands of other promotional gift items.


The Premier Printing Package is indeed in a league of it's own!

The Premier Printing Package 11,829.00+VAT (14194.80)   - The Best of British!
Overseas customers only pay 11,829.00 - No extra VAT charged *

* No VAT charged to customers outside the EEC/EU. Those in the EEC/EU also exempt from paying VAT when we are presented with a valid VAT number. All UK residents must pay VAT at 20% (Please note: These are rules set by Her Majesty's Customs & Excise and not us!) Any import or local taxes imposed by overseas
governments are to be paid by yourself.

1) The MaxiPrint Heat Press - British-Made  1300.00+VAT
2) 5 x Attachments for MaxiPrint (Sleeve, pocket, children's, polo shirts and
    umbrella) 430.00+VAT
3) British Made Mug Press 695.00+VAT
4) 36 x White sublimation mugs 41.00+VAT
5) British Made Cap Press 699.00+VAT
6) British Made Plate Press 799.00+VAT
7) A3 Sublimation Inkjet Printer with bulk ink feeding system and inks 530.00+VAT
8) Sublimation sample pack (see below for contents) 90.00+VAT 
9) 100 x A4 sheets of Photo quality inkjet paper for making transfers 12.00+VAT
10) Teflon heat protective sheet (Protects your garments whilst printing) 15.00+VAT
11) Roll of heat adhesive tape 8.00+VAT
12) CE5000-40 Craft Robo  Pro Cutting System 995.00+VAT
13)  5 Metres of Creative-Flex. 1 metre each in 5 colours (see notes foot of page) 29.00+VAT
14) 4 Metres of Creative-Flock. 1 metre each in 4 colours (see notes foot of page) 42.00+VAT
15)  ZX-40 Multi-functional printer Starter Kit (see below for list of contents) 449.00+VAT
16)) Squeegee 3.00+VAT
17)  Application tape for vinyl signs 11.00+VAT
18)  Four large rolls of vinyl in White, Black, Red, Blue - great for making self-adhesive signs
       (45.00+VAT each) 180.00+VAT
19)  Glass etching creme 10.00+VAT

20)  A4 Full colour laser printer for producing full colour transfers for 'off the shelf' t-shirts 
21)  100 X A4 Sheets of transfer paper for light and pastel coloured garments 40.00+VAT
22)  100 x A4 Sheets of transfer paper for dark garments 90.00+VAT
23)  500 x A3 Silicon application sheets for dark garments 40.00+VAT
24)  Plus Doming Starter Package for producing key fobs, badges, cufflinks etc. consisting of:-
       - 20 x 50ml two-part resin cartridges with mixers 115.00+VAT
       - 50 x A4 Sheets of white non-porous print media 60.00+VAT
       - 50 x A4 Sheets of metallic silver non-porous print media 65.00+VAT
       - Resin applicator hand gun 18.00+VAT
       - Bubble removing gun 16.00+VAT
       - 3 x Glass stacker trays 30.00+VAT
       - 1 x Can of spray mount 15.00+VAT
       - Sample bag of our most popular blank products for doming 30.00+VAT
       - 200 x 25mm Badges 112.00+VAT
       - 100 x Bonded leather key fobs 46.00+VAT
       - Doming instructions (easy-to-follow 6 page guide)
       - Health & Safety data sheets
25) Free training, sourcing, assistance, recommended suppliers details and on-going support  for an unlimited period.
26)  Six colour 4 board Carousel Screen Printing Machine 1599.00+VAT
27)  Spot dryer 450.00+VAT
28)  Exposure unit 199.00+VAT
29)  Density Toner Spray 15.00+VAT
30)  Vellum artwork paper (20 x A4 sheets) 12.00+VAT
31)  Degrease paste (1kg) 22.00+VAT
32)  Screen emulsion (1kg) 25.00+VAT
33)  Emulsion removing paste 18.00+VAT
34)  Ghost removing paste 25.00+VAT
35)  Screen wash (5 Litres) 27.00+VAT
36)  Spray bottle 3.00+VAT
37)  Cleaning brush 15.00+VAT
38)  Palette knife 6" 15.00+VAT
39)  20 x Paper ink mixing cups 3.00+VAT
40)  Latex Gloves (12 Pairs) 3.00+VAT
41)  Hot-Tak Board spray 13.00+VAT
42)  12" Wide aluminium coating trough 25.00+VAT
43)  24" x 19"  43T Screen with wooden frame x 6 120.00+VAT
44)  10" Medium blade squeegee x 6 138.00+VAT
45)  1 Litre of Athletic white ink 32.00+VAT
46)  1 Litre of Super black ink 32.00+VAT
47)  1 Litre of Super red ink 36.00+VAT
48)  1 Litre of Royal blue ink 32.00+VAT
49)  1 Litre of Dallas green ink 32.00+VAT
50)  1 Litre of Lemon Yellow ink 32.00+VAT
51)  Introductory garment printing course - book plus 2 x DVD's 95.00+VAT
52)  How to use Plastisol inks 1 x DVD 35.00+VAT
53)  Making transfers for heat presses 1 x DVD 35.00+VAT
54)  Special effects that make shirts sell 1 x DVD 35.00+VAT

55)  PS-21C 1 Colour Manual Pad Printer 899.00+VAT (Normal Price 1299.00+VAT)
56)  1 Litre of black ink 40.00+VAT
57)   1 Litre of Retarder 22.00+VAT
58)  1 Squeegee bottle 2.50+VAT
59)  Lint-free material 10.5" x 58" 5.00+VAT
60)  Pad Number 1: 25.60+VAT
61)  Pad Number 2: 25.60+VAT
62)  Pad Number 3: 25.60+VAT
63)  Pad Number 4: 25.60+VAT
64)  Pad Number 5: 25.60+VAT
65)  UV Ultra Cliche/Plate making system 150.00+VAT 
66)  20 x A4 Artwork sheets 12.00+VAT
67)  1 x Screen tint 17.00+VAT
68)  1 Water spray bottle 3.00+VAT
69)  6 x Bank cliches for PS-21C 22.50+VAT
70)  Instructions, Training DVD, Health & Safety Data Sheets.
71)  After-sales support.


Contents in this package is liable to change due to non-availability of items without prior notice.

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Creative-Flex colours included in the above packages are: 1m x Black, 1m x White, 1m x Red, 1m x Blue, 1m x Yellow. The width of the Creative-Flex material is 50cm.

Upgrade Options

Option 1:
Upgrade to larger Cutting Systems - please enquire.

Option 2: Upgrade to MaxiPrint Bag Press for an extra 200.00+VAT

Options (Pad Printing)
a) Hands-on Training at Romford 100.00+VAT. Most people do not find this necessary as our training DVD and instructions and very clear and precise.
b) Red , Blue and White Ink also available at 40.00+VAT each. 
c) Density Toner Spray to darken artwork 15.00+VAT
d) Air drying clay to make product holding jig 20.00+VAT
e) 100ml Standard Ink Hardener 20.00+VAT


You will need to purchase CorelDraw 12 or later versions for correcting colours when using the sublimation inkjet printer.  For the sublimation process to work, you will need to use special products which are made for sublimation printing.  When using sublimation inks on different surfaces, you may need to try a different grade of sublimation inkjet paper - we will be able to supply you with details of suppliers where you can purchase this from.

Additional Materials

Additional materials such as Flex, Flock, Laser Light, Laser Dark Transfer paper can be added to the above package. Prices as above, or please refer to our 'Consumables' section.

Sublimation Sample Pack - Contents

Metal & Plastic ID Badges, Metal, Fabric & Hardboard Coasters, Metal & MDF Plaques, Placemat, Premium & Fabric, Mousemat, Bag Tag, Fridge Magnet, Desk Clock, Door hanger & Plate, Jigsaw, Teddy Bear, Trophy Labels, Door Sign, Table Desk Stand, Circle and Square Wall Clocks, Sublimation T-Shirt, Sublimation Polo Shirt, Ladies T-Shirt). Contents liable to change without prior notice.

Union Flag indicates that the Flat Heat Press is British Made, unless otherwise stated.


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