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The MaxiPrint Bag Heat Press 1500.00+VAT


This machine is very similar to the MaxiPrint Heat Press, apart
from the fact that it has greater clearance between the base and
the print bed. This makes it ideally suited for printing bags as
well as T-Shirts, Sublimation Products etc.

Plastic shopping bags these days are seen as environmentally
unfriendly. The much favoured bags are thus reusable cotton
shopping bags.  Cotton shopping bags present 'bags of
opportunities' for printers as they can personalised  in single or
full colour. This represents a great advertising opportunity for the retailer, who cannot only sell his/her bags but also get free publicity!


Apart from shopping bags, there is also the ever increasing opportunity from personalising
Sports Bags for Gyms, Health Clubs etc.

The MaxiPrint Bag Heat Press can easily print onto thicker items, thanks to it's height adjustable feature. Five optional attachments are also available for Sleeves, Pockets, Children's garments, Polo Shirts and Umbrella.


  • Maximum print area   38 x 50.5cm (approx. 15 x 20")

  • Dimensions (unboxed) 58.5 x 55 x 62cm

  • Dimensions (boxed) 60 x 60 x 80cm

  • Power Consumption: w / 8A

  • Type of machine: Swing-head

  • Usage: Heavy duty

  • Weight (unpacked) kgs

  • Weight (packed) kgs

  • Can print up to 50mm thick items

  • Optional attachments:-
    Sleeve attachment size: 10.5 x 38cm (approx. 4.12 x 15") - 75.00+VAT
    Pocket attachment size: 12.5 x 10cm (approx. 5 x 4") - 75.00+VAT
    Children's attachment size: 75.00+VAT
    Polo Shirt attachment size: 38 x 51.5cm (approx. 15 x 20") 135.00+VAT
    Umbrella attachment size: 38.5 x 51cm (approx. 15.15 x 20.00") 95.00+VAT
    You can buy all 5 for a special price of 430.00+VAT

  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom


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