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Sublimation Inkjet Printer (A3)



Sublimation inkjet printers look like normal
inkjet printers but use special 'Sublimation
inks' (Sublimation is pronounced as "Sub-

Sublimation printing is suitable for specially coated products only which have a special polyester coating on the outer.


Our new A3 sublimation inkjet printer is now available, complete with six  (Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta, Yellow and Black) inks, and a bulk feeding system for 530.00+VAT.


Our A3 system now offers you higher colour  due to greater dots per inch as well as six colours instead of the traditional four colours.


Our bulk ink feedings system which is supplied along with the sublimation printer will save you a great deal of money in inks when compared to using small and expensive ink cartridges.


We can also supply further supplies of inks, which are packed in 125ml bottles. Each colour costs 53.40+VAT. Rather than throwing away good cartridges when one colour runs out, you simply top up the required ink colour.


With the sublimation process, you can print onto a wide array of products, including T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Mouse Mats, Placemats, Coasters, Jigsaw Puzzles, Awards & Plaques, Metal, Door Signs, Front Panels and a whole lot more. On top of the sublimation printer, you will require one of our heat presses (Flat heat press and perhaps mug press, plate press along with suitable transfer paper, heat tape & teflon sheet). You can choose from one of our ready-to-go packages or we can custom make one for you on request.

We also supply metal cutting shears for cutting sublimation metal. Please click here to view details and prices.


CorelDraw 12+ Software required for sublimation inks colour correction.  

Full colour laser printers

If you wish to create  full colour transfers for 'ordinary' t-shirts rather than the special sublimation ones, then please
click here to view our full colour laser printer and accessories.

Click below to see all the three methods of creating transfers

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Disclaimer:  Inkjet printers supplied  by us, when used in conjunction with our sublimation
inks may invalidate the manufacturers warranty. Our inkjet printer and sublimation inks are
are strictly supplied subject to these terms and conditions. Further Terms & Conditions can by found by clicking here.





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