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If you would like to move up a gear and offer a screen printing service, then talk to us as we can offer a good choice screen printing machines and accessories at affordable prices.

We mainly supply floor standing carousel systems starting from four colours and going onto six colours.  When we talk about the number of colours on a machine, what we mean is how many screens the machine can hold at a time  All machines will have four print boards.

The screen printing process uses inks as compared to transfers with heat presses. The number of colour on a t-shirt will dictate the number of screen required on a screen printing machine. In order to print multi-colour images onto dark t-shirts, we would recommend going for a five colour machine as a minimum and ideally the six colour machine.

In our starter kit, we include everything from the screen printing machine, spot dryer (to dry the ink), exposure unit to 'burn' images onto the screen right through to chemicals, screens, squeegees, start up books, DVD's etc. The only extras which you will require items such as graphics software, laser printer (for creating artwork), and of course your own PC.

Screen printing is relatively easy to master although more complicated work will require greater skills to master. Practice makes perfect.

With screen printing, the cost per producing t-shirts is lower when compared to using a heat press. However, screen printing is only more economical on order of around 50+ of the same design. Nothing comes close to the quality that can be achieved by the screen printing process as well as the print durability.

For someone who would like to be able to tap the full  market potential for a t-shirt printing service, the ideal scenario would be to opt for, both, our heat press and screen printing starter kits.

Here is a typical four colour screen printing starter kit  2723.00+VAT

  • 4 Colour - 4 Head Screen Printing Carousel Machine 1199.00+VAT

  • Spot dryer 450.00+VAT

  • Exposure unit 199.00+VAT

  • Density toner spray 15.00+VAT

  • 20 x A4 Sheets of vellum artwork paper 12.00+VAT

  • Degrease paste 22.00+VAT

  • Screen emulsion 25.00+VAT

  • Emulsion removing paste 18.00+VAT

  • Ghost removing paste 25.00+VAT

  • Screen wash 27.00+VAT

  • Spray bottle 3.00+VAT

  • Screen cleaning brush 15.00+VAT

  • Palette knife 15.00+VAT

  • Paper ink mixing cups (20) 3.00+VAT

  • Latex gloves (12 Pairs) 3.00+VAT

  • Board Spray 13.00+VAT

  • 12" Wide aluminium coating trough 25.00+VAT

  • 24" x 19" Screen (Wooden frame) Qty: 6  120.00+VAT

  • 10" Wide squeegees Qty: 6  138.00+VAT

  • 1L Athletic white ink 32.00+VAT

  • 1L Super black ink 32.00+VAT

  • 1L Super red ink 36.00+VAT

  • 1L Royal blue ink 32.00+VAT

  • 1L Dallas green ink 32.00+VAT

  • 1L Lemon yellow ink 32.00+VAT

  • Introductory garment printing course (Book + 2 x DVD's) 95.00+VAT

  • 1 x DVD - How to use plastisol inks 35.00+VAT

  • 1 x DVD - Making transfers for heat presses

  • 1 x DVD - Special effects that make shirts sell

For a five colour machine, please add an extra 200.00+VAT and for a six colour machine, please add an extra 400.00+VAT to the above starter kit prices.

Our machines are supplied as bolt-on for easy assembly and transportation.  We do charge an extra 100.00+VAT for packing the equipment and shipping costs are extra too - these can be advised on request.  We can ship our machines to anywhere in the world.

Our screen printing machines are hand made in the UK to order. The manufacturing time is about 3-4 weeks from receipt of deposit.

Inks can be mixed to achieve more colours and screens can be reused  for other jobs by stripping them down with  the emulsion removing paste.

You can learn more about our screen printing machines on our specialist website at:-






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