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Creative Crystal - Rhinestones



'Creative Crystal' is an amazing process which  makes use of your craft robo/cutter, and our starter kit to create dazzling designs onto t-shirts and apparel.  This is the only low cost solution currently available on the market for creating beautiful designs without having to manually apply one Rhinestones at a time.

In conjunction with our software, template media, instruction etc; you will be able to create  templates and designs, similar to the ones shown above.

In conjunction with our CorelDraw software and your cutter, you will be able to create 'templates' with equally spaced 'holes' onto the template media. A quantity of Rhinestones are then brushed onto the template, which, once settled into your design, are simply lifted off together with clear application tape and heat pressed onto garments.

Rhinestones can be applied to old and new clothing; from T-Shirts, Blouses to Jeans and Caps  You can also combine rhinestones with flex/flock printing, to give you garment that extra special touch.


In addition to this kit, you will also of course require a craft robo/cutter, heat press plus blank sheets of paper to paste the template onto. You will also require a tray which should ideally be larger than A4 (not supplied in this kit).

Note: The above kit is already included in our Promotions, Titanium and The Premier Printing Package.

Our dazzling Rhinestones come in eleven different colours in in two different sizes. The adhesive on the back of the rhinestones is very strong and durable and will not easily come off, despite many washes. Correct washing instruction will be supplied with purchase.

Whilst the rhinestones will not easily come off, you may find that the rhinestone applicator, which in included in the above kit will be of use to replace any lose rhinestones, or those that might not have stuck on properly.

Notes:  Reference CorelDraw Software.

Our CorelDraw 12 software is more than a Rhinestone template making software. It is a comprehensive and powerful graphics package and editing suite. You can trace around images, convert them lineart, create DXF files for Craft Robo and lots more. You can easily pay hundreds of pounds for such software alone!    
See step-by-step details here.

Please add your choice of Rhinestones from our list.

Rhinestone Price, Colours & Sizes

Currently, we are offering Rhinestones in the two most popular sizes namely 3mm and 4mm.  They are both available in nine brilliant colours.

Prices 3mm (SS10)    Per colour - per bag  Qty: 144 = 1 Gross, 720 = 5 Gross

Clear (Silver-like)
1.30+VAT ( Qty: 144)  or  6.00+VAT ( Qty: 720)

Black Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Siam, Jet
1.50+VAT ( Qty:144) or 7.00+VAT (720)

Citrine, Tanzanite, Montana 
1.60+VAT ( Qty: 144)  or  7.50+VAT (Qty: 720)

Rose, Light Rose 
1.90+VAT ( Qty: 144)  or  9.00+VAT ( Qty: 720)

Prices 4mm (SS16)   Per colour - per bag  Qty: 144 = 1 Gross, 720 = 5 Gross

Clear  (Silver-like)
1.50+VAT ( Qty: 144)  or  7.00+VAT ( Qty: 720)

Black Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Siam, Jet
1.80+VAT ( Qty:144) or 8.50+VAT (720)

Citrine, Tanzanite, Montana
1.90+VAT ( Qty: 144)  or  9.00+VAT ( Qty: 720)

Rose, Light Rose  
1.99+VAT ( Qty: 144)  or  9.45 ( Qty: 720)

Although our Rhinestones have initially been manually counted twice as samples,  they are then weighed on accurate digital scales for re-bagging purposes (which are accurate to 0.1g). Thus, there could however be a variance of  + or - 1 to 2%. Our goods are supplied subject to these conditions.






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