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Full Colour Laser Transfer Printer (A4)


Our new A4 full colour laser printer easily accepts our newly formulated range of transfer papers.

Simply plug the laser printer to your PC, import images into your favourite graphics programme, add text or a message and simply press 'Print' !

With our new range of  laser transfer papers, you can print  onto any type of t-shirts - cheap or expensive and they do not need to be specially coated as in the case of sublimation printing.


We now supply the laser transfer paper for light and dark garments. These are the prices and specifications:-


For light garments @ 40.00+VAT for 100 x A4 Sheets (Works out at just 40p+VAT per sheet)

For dark garments @ 90.00+VAT for 100 x A4 Sheets (works out at just 90p+VAT per sheet
Silicon application sheets (for dark garments) 
@ 40.00+VAT for 500 x A3


Images printed by the laser printer method can also be fed through a cutting system (such as our Craft Robo or Craft Robo Pro etc) to get rid of  unwanted 'square backgrounds'. This gives your t-shirt a better and more professional finish - see example below.

Click here for details of our Cutting Systems

If you are interested in printing t-shirts only,
then please take a look at one of our ready-made packages:-

Package 1   (This will open up in a new window - please enable pop up's)
Package 2   (This will open up in a new window - please enable pop up's)

Remember, you will still be able to use your laser printer for ordinary printing for items such as business cards, stationery, leaflets, brochures for your own business or by offering it as a service to others.


Click below to see all the three methods of creating transfers

Web Page  (This will open up in a new Window - please enable pop up's)
PDF    (This will open up in a new Window - please enable pop up's)


Disclaimer:  We have found that our laser transfer paper works well with most laser printers, including those supplied by us. However, We cannot be held responsible for damage caused to any laser printers as a result of using our laser transfer papers - even if the laser printer has been supplied by us. Using transfer papers of any kind may invalidate the manufacturers
warranty. Further Terms and Conditions can be found by clicking here.




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