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China Plate Press 799.00+VAT



A new china plate heat press capable of printing quality
images onto sublimation coated china plates.

China plates make great personalised gift items as well as
decorative display products.

To print onto China Plates, you will require, as a minimum,
Starter Kit below.

Starter Kit
1) Plate Press 799.00+VAT
2) Sublimation Printer + Inks 530.00+VAT
3) Transfer Paper (100 x A4 Sheets) 12.00+VAT
4) Heat Tape 8.00+VAT
5) Selection of China Plates from our
    recommended suppliers.

Our quality China Plate Press is British Made and comes
three different sized print heads as standard. The three print heads
are 80mm, 110mm and 135mm. A larger 150mm is also available
as an optional extra at 49.99+VAT.

Porcelain/China blank sublimation plates are available in the following
sizes: 6", 8" and 10" at a guide price of 2.35, 2.85, 3.25 exclusive of VAT.
These china plates have a double gilt edge.
Subject to availability, the china plates will also be supplied with a free stand.

Also available as an optional extra is a 150mm square heat press head which will enable you
to convert your china plate press to a flat heat press for printing logos and small pocket areas
designs onto T-Shirts, Polo Shirts etc. The cost of this attachment is 49.99+VAT.

CorelDraw 12 + Software required for sublimation inks colour correction.  


In order to print onto garments, you will require cutting systems/laser printers etc.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for details of warranty.






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