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British Quality

Over the last few years, there has been a major influx of cheaply made imported machines. I think it would be fair to say that almost 90% of such equipment now sold on the internet is Made in China of which some are sub-standard and dangerous to operate.

We are one of  the very few companies who pride ourselves in supplying sturdy and quality British Made Printing machines. We also do supply imported machines to cater for those who are on a limited budget, but we are very clear to our potential  customer that imported machines will not last as long as their counterpart British Made Machines.

Machines which are Made in China are often made from low grade/quality material and  sub-standard electrical parts, poor welding and poorly finished products. This not only affects the quality of print but also the longevity of the machines. Some do not either carry the "CE" mark for safety.

Buying direct from China presents it's own problems of language barriers, lack of after-sales support, shipping charges, import duties etc. We know this, we have been there before!

Some resellers in the UK of imported machines also make false claims such as "British Designed, Japanese Technology" etc. The truth is they are mass produced in China and have little or no input from UK design engineers!  We get a regular stream of 'customers' who turn to us for support after having purchased cheaply made imported machines from 'back street companies'. The 'companies' appear to be there one day and gone another!. This often leaves their customers stranded without any after-sales support. Their warranties also become worthless.

Unlike our 'competitors' , we have been trading under the same name for twenty six years and are a steadfast business, always there to offer you pre and post sales support. Make the correct choice first time and chose Creative Printers of London as your main supplier.

Whilst we can sell a lot of cheaply-made products, we would rather sell you quality. Yes, quality does cost more, but you also get less headaches, better  print quality and your machine will last a lot longer, which, in the long term will actually save you money and help your business to expand.    Our British Made Machines can easily be recognised on this website  as you will see a Union Flag next to the item.






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